Why is Public Relation Officer important for small struggling businesses?

Public Relation Officer- Tasks and Duties

  • The first and foremost duty of PR officer includes planning, organizing and managing public relation campaigns. Other functions include the following:
  • Designing and executing PR campaigns
  • Responsible for preparing presentations
  • Maintaining and developing contacts with the press and other related organisations
  • Organising press briefings
  • Answering the queries and inquiries
  • Build strong supplier and clients’ relationship by introducing new products to them.
  • Media Coverage Analysis

Skills Required

  • Excellent communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Good IT skills
  • Creative
  • Confident
  • Presentation skills

Importance of PRO services in Dubai for Small Businesses

Public Relation Officer is a position often neglected by the small businesses because they don’t know the importance of Public Relation Officer. Public Relation Officer helps create the awareness about the company. The person proposes various cost effective methods to take the products or services offered by the small businesses to the general public.

Public Relation function is less expensive than the advertisements and other marketing tactics. As small businesses have a limited budget, the PRO helps build a bond with customers in less expensive manner.

Public Relation Officer speaks on behalf of the company at local Chamber of Commerce for creating awareness about the product or service.

It doesn’t matter that Public Relation Officer manages expensive gifts for the third parties, for new companies; Public Relation Officer can sponsor local events and programs.

For a smaller company that is planning for expansion; PRO assists the company in building the bond with the public.

Public Relation Officer develops products’ and services’ compatibility, as well as he helps build the reputation of the company.

Public Relation Officer has direct access to the target market. Through this, the company has an advantage in a way that it increases the positive word of mouth for the company and related products or services.

PRO struggles to improve Internal Relations. To achieve the company targets on time; it is necessary to raise the satisfaction level of internal customers which are known as employees. PRO is important for any small and struggling firm because he doesn’t only impose his efforts to satisfy the external market but he has to manage things as per the employees too. PRO organises events, seminars, and dinners for the employees to demonstrate the progress of the company.

Public Relation Officer is one of the most important persons in the small firm because he is responsible for handling controversies. If there may arise any controversy about the novel company, the PRO will appear among the general audience and clear the misunderstandings.

Therefore, not just the PRO designation is for a large corporation; it is equally important for the smaller firms; struggling to achieve success in near future.