What five things differentiate internet marketing from social media marketing

Before understanding the difference between internet marketing and social media marketing we need to understand that social media is a channel of the internet. It has emerged from the creation of the internet. Social media is nothing without internet. But as far as marketing through these two different platforms is concerned we have to understand the main difference.

First, let’s just understand what these two are; the social media and the internet.

Social media; It is the latest buzz in the world of internet marketing. It has set a trend for new marketing and customer reach. For a previous couple of years, brands have been using this platform for marketing. With every other person using social media, it has become an excellent platform for reaching the customers. The main platforms of social media for marketing are. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and snapchat. They use it for socializing and interaction just like buying instagram followers from FollowersIn.

So we can define social media as a platform that brings people together on the internet for socializing and exchange of information. The most used social media platforms include; twitter, facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, google+.

Internet marketing; by definition, it can be said that building of awareness and promotion of brand using internet’s all digital channels.

Around the world, the businessmen are using internet marketing as a very important part of the businesses. In order to boost their revenues and to increase their customer base, the global businesses are now shifting their marketing towards internet marketing and social media. It is very important to understand the difference between the internet marketing and social media marketing in order to understand the correct blend of the tools to be used to get effective results regarding business needs. The differences and similarities are to be understood for choosing which one of them is better to be used.

The marketing is actually the use of right tools for attracting the potential customers to the products and services, in order to boost profits and revenue. A message is tailored that helps to send the message or send a call to the customers in order to gain their response towards the services and for any type of sales regarding promotions.

The main differences between social media and internet marketing are described below;

Comparing the two platforms for marketing side by side we shall be able to get clear understanding and the tools to be used can get clear;

  1. The normal internet marketing reaches beyond the normal use of internet and tries to get to people there in the offline world now using the online world, whereas social media is limited to the presence of internet only which means without internet social media Is of no use.
  2. The internet marketing can include more than one platform like online advertising, emails, and voice notes whereas social media marketing include just the platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  3. Social media is more focused on the content strategy; first, you create content than post it on the social media for promotion whereas internet marketing may include different types of content.