Top Rated Nonprofit organizations In USA

 Top Rated Nonprofit organizations In USA

Organizations which work for the welfare of people in the world are known as non-profit organizations. They do not earn money after providing services to them. They work for the sake of prosperity of people in need. Each entrepreneur does not think about establishing the non-profit. Rather, this initiative is taken by few of entrepreneurs who do not aim to earn a profit. They establish an organization for people of their society. They help them by meeting their needs of shelter, medical treatments, food, education and protection against harmful activities. Now we discuss some of the famous nonprofit organizations in the world.

Feeding America

It is known as the second largest harvest in America. It is a charity related to hunger relief. It aims to reduce hunger from the world. It has formed a network of food banks which provide food for hungry people around the world. They fulfill their mission of hunger reduction by promoting their values such as respect and stewardship.

Red Cross

It is a nonprofit working for relief in an emergency. They provide emergency operations around the world. They help people through their volunteers throughout the world. It has collaboration with other nonprofits around the world. It is a life-saving group for people.

Catholic charities in the USA

It is one of the famous and largest charities working in America. It provides protection to people in need. It helps people through volunteers who want to serve such people. Many of the organizations have joined this non-profit. It has collaboration with more than 1700 institutions to serve people in need. It focuses on reducing poverty situation in the world.


It is one of the most renowned non-profit organizations in the world. It is providing services from more than 160 years. It provides protection to people in society by providing them education and other programs. It focuses on the growth of kid, families, and communities. It consists of partners across 10000 communities and cities in America.


It provides health care for people in society. It helps people in emergencies and provides treatments. It aims to save lives in situations of disasters and emergencies. It also provides services to people during storms, flood, earthquakes, and other disastrous situations.


It is a unique nonprofit organization around the world. They do not serve people through donating money. Rather they provide goods and services to people in need in the form of gifts. It consists of partners around the world who assist them to achieve their goal of serving humanity. It delivers gifts to people who really need it.

Feed the children

It aims to reduce hunger among children. It addresses basic needs of children such as food, education, water, and sanitation, etc.

United Way

It is one of the renowned non-profits around the world. It has started programs related to improving education, income stability and health of people.

Goodwill Industries

It helps to stable earnings of people who cannot earn sufficiently to meet their basic needs. It aims to reduce poverty around the world.

SOS children village

It aims to provide shelter to people who do not have a roof over their heads. It provides protection for the establishment of groups of homes for children and their families.

So, numerous non-profit organizations are found around the world. They work for the prosperity of people in need.