Social Media Marketing Prompt

A lack of social media marketing will lead to the en masse loss of loyal customers as well as the loss of a booming income. As a new company with little to no beginning foundation of possible consumers, social media can allow its products to become well-known due to the fast delivery of information through internet connections. The use of social media to bring forth a new product would increase brand recognition and possibly lead to the blossoming of a successful company.

An economical basis is a requirement to a booming company, and customers are the providers. Social media marketing is the focal point for both of these necessary components to a successful brand. Almost everyone, if not all, has access to a social media or even owns several accounts on several different medias such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Social media is a prominent component within the several societies of the 21st century; therefore, it can be assumed many people are on a media outlet at several intervals of the day. These new, upcoming businesses can very well use this to their advantage, for the media provides them with an access to customers. Though not all ages can utilize social media, such as children under thirteen, their guardians that have that access can purchase the new products for their children which still provides influence over all ages. New businesses can also appeal to the children through commercials through television and couple that with social media in order to reach all ages. That would cause a slight strain on the company financially, but that is an optional tactic to reach all audiences instead of the minimal selection of teens or adults. Therefore, the access to new customers provides the company with an advantage to be recognized in order to get their products out to consumers.

Ads are expensive when billboards or commercials come into play, but advertising within an ostensibly free social media profile drastically lessens the amount spent to get the new products to consumer attention. It is vital for a business to begin with little to no debts by starting off small, then reaching higher goals as a financial foundation is created. Social media is a way to start this small beginning. Social media outlets are not expensive when it comes to advertising depending on the size of the company and the amount of advertising they demand. Advertising over these outlets takes less effort than the production of billboard advertisements. One is hours spent to paste an image, another is a click away. In addition, it may take longer for the product to become noticed over a billboard image than that of a social media pop-up. The reason is simple, most people spend several minutes of the day on the internet. Therefore, posting their products on social media is a great way to gain brand recognition and loyal customers.

Social media can provide the company with a great reputation. Communications occur daily on social media websites, so communications with that company can be on display. When an inquiry is asked online to that company, they have the opportunity to publicly reply. This reply can portray the quality of customer service and provide better relations with their customers in order to gain their loyalty. In addition, if this brand happens to be better than another such as Nike or Adidas, then they can cause customers to convert. This conversion can lead to conversations about the quality of one company over another and even lead to social media posts discussing it. This in turn would gain several more customers. Though social media can also become the failing factor by portraying any sort of negative connotations towards the business, it is a risk that can bring prosperity with little effort. This prosperity can be gained by establishing trust between the company and the customers. The establishment of trust can indirectly affect life decisions. For instance, if a person trusts shopping online more than in-store, he/she will choose the former. In addition, if they find the brand to be credible and useful, they are more likely to write positive reviews than negative ones which could result in far more customers. That loyalty customers show must be rewarded in proper services, or the business is not likely to continue gaining support.

The success of a company is not short-term. A long established audience must be aimed for. In order to ensure a company remains above its competitors, it has to be able to retain the customers it had gained to begin with. The beginning percentage of followers must be added on, not decimated. In order to do so, the brand must maintain its influence over social outlets as well as its fair treatment to customers. For example, a successful company may advertise after the gain of 6-digit followers which would lead to sales directly after the social media attention. Though social media marketing is not guaranteed to produce sales, it is a path towards it. Posting an ad yet providing terrible customer service will not influence customers to be positive in regards to the company. That influence is what drives the company to be successful over the simple posting of an ad. Therefore, though it doesn’t guarantee prosperity, it will lead to the influence. Influence is the key to success, and influence can be provided through social media. By publicly displaying good customer service, trust, and credibility, companies influence their audience to purchase their products. Creating this influence and social media presence can prevent the need to pay thousands for other advertising utilities. The maintenance of long-term customers provides the company with vast influences, and therefore vast profits.

Social media marketing is an inexpensive way for new companies to advertise their first products. The quick accessibility of social media as well as the spread of information through its connections provide the developing companies with the needed attention to gain customers. Though success cannot be guaranteed, social media marketing is inexpensive and can result in greater influence if the brand is trustworthy. Therefore, the use of social media can provide the new companies with inexpensive advertising with little to no risk of debt.